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News from the Ether

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Crawling from the grave, inch by inch

Independent publishing is proving to been a steeper learning curve than I thought. 


The novel started on Amazon in February, where I was a member of their Kindle Direct Publishing's "KDP Select." The idea is that you're beholden to Amazon for 90 days, whereby they give you five days in that time to offer your book for free. People download it, read it, pass the word, and sales bump. The first time I did it, soon after publishing, I saw over 500 downloaded in two days. Not bad. When I used the balance of my free days at the traditional start of Spring Break, I managed 45 - and no change in sales.


So, I'm so done with that.


With my 90 days up, the book is now available as a trade paperback, on Barnes & Noble, and via Smashwords. That site is great as it will distribute to the Sony Reader, the iPad, and a wide variety of other online outlets. 


Now the next big hurdle - how do you market a unique novel in a marketplace where thousands of other newbie writers are scrambling to hit it big? Especially when getting hard copies on shelves is proving more problamatic? 


It really, really, really feels like the Gold Rush - many are staking claims, a couple hit paydirt, but the rest pan a lot and collect enough gold dust to get by.

Site has gone LIVE!

...and that means nobody will be there! That's what we call a soft opening.

A Blog! A Blog!

That's about all I can say - a quick shout of glee about something that requires no gleefulling. Take that as you will.

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